Winter Climbing

We welcome you to our Mountains with open arms!
The Tatra Mountains are the highest range in the Carpathian Mountains and Poland’s only alpine-type mountains. They form a natural border between Poland and Slovakia. The highest summits are Gerlach (2655 m, Slovakia) and Rysy (2499 m, Poland). Thanks to the relatively small area of the Tatras compared to the Alps, there’s a cosy atmosphere, but you can also feel like you’re in really high mountains. The lower parts of the Tatras are covered by a beautiful and dense spruce forest. The upper parts are wide meadows with steep, rocky crags above them, where you may find a lot of caves. The landscape of the High Tatras is very interesting and is dominated by an alpine type ridges, towering walls and rocky peaks, which is a testament to the strong action of glaciers.
Our base is in Morskie Oko hut – a tourist base situated at Morskie Oko Lake, in the Rybi Potok Valley. It is located at an altitude of 1410 m above the sea level on the bank of glacial moraine. It was built in 1908 by the Tatra Society. Renovated in the years the 1988-1992 has 78 beds mostly in bunk-style dormitories. It’s only 2-3 hours away on foot from the main car park and therefore, is a good and very popular place for trekkers as well as an excellent base to reach the best climbing routes in the Tatra Mountains.
This winter Tatra Climbing School offers:

Winter skills course
During winter skills course we will show you:
how to choose right clothes for winter, how to assess avalanche risk and use avalanche detectors, how to walk in crampons and use an ice axe, perform self-arrest and stop a slide, we will teach you basic navigation skills.
To be able to take part in this course you should have summer mountain walking experience and good fitness level.

Winter climbing courses ( )
During winter mountaineering course we will teach you:
how to use avalanche detectors and perform successful avalanche rescue, we will teach you how to use crampons and ice axe and train self-arrest skills, you will climb on top rope ice and rocks, we will show you important climbing knots and rope work, teach you to move together, place slings, build snow anchors, abseiling off, digging a snow cave, we will look into crevasse rescue technique and fixed rope techniques, basic navigation in mountain will be covered as well.

Advance winter mountaineering course ( )
To take part in this course you should have summer walking experience, good outdoor climbing experience, ability to belay and tie knots would be desirable. Good fitness level required.
During advanced winter climbing course we will teach you:
how to use avalanche detectors, how to perform successful avalanche rescue, we will train you in crampons and ice axes techniques and effective self-arrest, teach you climbing knots, rope work technique, how to place winter protection, building stances, abseiling off, placing ice screws, and abalakov thread, we cover mixed climbing technique and ice climbing technique
To take part in this course winter mountaineering and summer mountain trad climbing experience are essential. A good fitness level is required. If you think you are not ready for this type of intense climbing course check our winter mountaineering course.

More information and how to book here:
*All courses are run in the English language by English speaking Instructor of Alpinism.

please mention Jon at Tatra Hiking when contacting the Tatra Climbing School. Many thanks

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