Tatra Hiking

BMF Giewont Hike.
The group belong to a British Military Fitness club and decided they would do a group hike in the Tatra mountains.
I was in Poland for a week before I met this group for their hike, the weather was looking promising. I met the group casually for a small walk and coffee and to get acquainted, going over our plans for the hike.
Alas the day we decided to hike, the weather turned for the worse. we still hiked in the low mist/drizzle. It was still warm and the hike was still very interesting and rewarding. We got to the peak of Giewont with no hassle and started our descent. They really seemed to enjoy themselves despite the weather and drinks at the end of the hike were well received. My thanks to Edward Saville for bringing his BMF friends to join me on another successful hike.

September 2017