Tatra Hiking


The locations Tatra Hiking covers whilst hiking with a group can include:

Mt Rysy (Crevices) – 2499m asl – Approx 4.5 hours ascent at a steady hike. No forests, just rocky terrain (once above Morskie Oko) but the views are astounding! This is the highest peak in Poland. At 3/4 of the way up the ascent becomes via ferrata (chains to help pull yourself up with) On this trail there is a mountain hostel on the polish side at the start of the hike and a hostel just over the peak on the slovakian side. This mountain straddles the border of Poland/Slovakia

Mt Giewont – 1895m asl – Approx 3.5 hours ascent at a leisurely pace taking time to appreciate your surroundings (wooded valleys, mountain meadows.) There is a huge steel cross at the summit. There are also chains near the very summit but they are optional. There are no mountain hostels on the ascent but there are numerous hostels on the routes leading away from Giewont.

Morskie Oko (Marine eye) – 1395m asl – Approx 2 hours quick walking pace by road and/or trail. The lake has been recognized by the journalists of The Wall Street Journal as one of the five most beautiful lakes in the World. It certainly is my joint 1st favourite place in the Tatras. There is a big mountain hostel here, one of the oldest in the Tatras. This is the base for the Rysy hike.

Dolina Pieciu Stawow (Valley of the 5 Lakes) – 1665m asl – Approx 3 hours hike at a steady pace although the scenery on the way up will have you stopping often to admire it; lush verdant greenery, mountain streams & Woodland. Once we reach the lakes there is a further hour or so to explore the lakes. On this trail the weather is very changeable. There is a mountain hostel situated by one of the lakes. This is my other joint 1st favourite place in the Tatras

Kasprowy Wierch – 1987m asl – Approx 3 hours leisurely hike. Wooded walk at the start then becomes rocky. There is a cable car that runs to the summit. There is also a few shops and cafe/bars at the top. This mountain also straddles the border and there is a route into Slovakia from here.

Czerwony Wierchy (Red Peaks) – 4 peaks lowest @ 2005m asl and highest @ 2122m asl – Approx 3 hours to either one of the peaks and approx 1.5 hours to walk along from first peak to last peak. The start of this hike is very similar to Giewont, but later, each peak has its own individuality. There are many routes to explore from the Red peaks. There are numerous mountain shelters on the descent

Dolina Koscieliska – This is mainly a wooded walk with a few mountain glades here and there. There are a few lively mountain rivers in this valley. Our destination on this walk is Hala Ornak (mountain shelter). From the shelter there is an optional 20 minute hike to a small lake (Smreczynski) The complete hike takes approx 6 hours at a very leisurely pace.

Mt Nosal – 1206m asl – Approx 2 hours ascent at a leisurely pace. I like to start newcomers to the Tatras at this location. It gives newbies and seasoned hikers alike a sense of satisfaction when they reach the summit as the start is really quite steep but the views are so rewarding. Numerous cafes and shops at the start of this walk.

These are connecting locations in between such as: Dolina Malej Laki, Droga Pod Reglami, Dolina Roztoki, Strazyska, Kuznice, Polana kalatowki etc
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