February 2015 Snow Walking

MARCH 2015 – SNOW WALKING – LOCATIONS INCLUDED: DOLINA KOSCIELISKA, SMRECZYNSKI STAW, MORSKIE OKO, KALATOWKI AND KONDRATOWA I was joined on this trip by Oliver Prentice and Phil Russell. My first group that I lead that was not family or friends. I have to admit I was so busy with last minute planning that I

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September 2014

This was Anita and Noels 3rd trip with me into the Tatras. When clicking the albums please wait a few seconds as the albums loads full size images

Fancy dress charity hike

June 2014 Long and hard I thought about something different I could do that would be fun, beneficial and something those nearest and dearest to me would be proud of. First I thought about the things I enjoy and how I could use them to benefit others… Well driving cars has been done by everyone

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My first Rysy Climb

Rysy Rysy Rysy, oh how I felt accomplished and destroyed at the same time! June 2012. I had hiked quite a few different trails in the Polish Tatras but something was nagging at me. Initially I wasn’t interested in Mt Rysy. I was more interested in the valleys, lakes, streams and forests. Rysy was simply

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